What is a break?

    Breaks are a budget friendly way to be a part of opening premium There are a few ways to set up a break in terms of what your ‘spot’ will get you. For example, sometimes a ‘spot’ is a team and other times it’s a pack from the break. Each break listing defines how a ‘spot’ is determined. Once the break is full we go live to randomly assign your ‘spot’ and open the cards. All breaks are broadcast live on our YouTube and Facebook channels. Watching our past breaks through our channels is a great way to get comfortable with exactly how they work before you jump in!

    How do I buy a spot?

    You can purchase spots or boxes through our website, PristineBreaks.com, or by downloading our Pristine Breaks app for iOS and Android.

    How do I watch?

    We send out push notifications through our app when a break goes live. You can watch from our Pristine Breaks YouTube Channel or through our Facebook page. All the videos are posted to those channels after the live broadcast concludes.

    What if I miss my break?

    You still receive all the cards that you won whether you watched the live break or not. If you missed the live broadcast, a video of the break will always be available for you to watch at your convenience.

    How do I use my break points?

    After logging in to the desktop site for PristineBreaks.com, you will see a gift icon in the bottom left-hand corner. Click that, login, and you will see what you can use your points on and how many you have.

    Can I buy a full box?

    Yes! We offer personal boxes where you receive all of the cards from the box. We also offer price matching so if you can find a better price, message us and we will beat or match it.

    What if I don’t end up with anything in my break? 

    You will receive a signed Mr. Pristine card with your spot if you do not hit any cards in a break. You will ALWAYS receive something.

    Can I sell my cards with you?

    YES! We offer an expedited consignment service through Pristine Auction. For more information, visit PristineAuction.com/consign.

    Why am I being charged tax?

    Due to state laws and regulations, we are required to charge state taxes for products being sold. 

    You may be tax exempt if these items are being sold for the purpose of business or charity. If you have exemption from sales tax in the state these items are to be shipped to, please fill out this Tax Exempt form.

    Cannot place order, conditions not met:


    : Must have at most of this item.