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How Pristine Breaks Works

A step- by-step guide on how to participate in Pristine Breaks LIVE Box Breaks.

Create an Account

Head on over to our register page to create your account on Pristine Breaks. REGISTER ACCOUNT

Signing Up for Email and Text Alerts

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Select the breaks you're interested in and we'll text and email you when we announce new breaks. SIGN UP FOR ALERTS

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    Pristine Break Text Message Announcement
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Reserve your spot to participate in the Break

    Reserve your spot
Once you add a spot to your cart, you have 5 minutes to complete the purchase. If time expires before purchase is completed, the spot is open for others to purchase.

Watch the Break on Facebook LIVE!

    Pristine Break Live Breaks
Once all spots are reserved, we broadcast the Box Break LIVE in our Facebook Group! A notification is sent to all buyers to watch it live. FACEBOOK GROUP

Your Winnings Shipped To You

    Pristine Break Live Breaks
FREE Shipping for all US addresses. For out of country customers, you have the option to get Free Shipping when you accumulate 5 Cards or pay for shipping just one card.

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