1x 2020 POTUS A Word From The President (Break #12)

1x 2020 POTUS A Word From The President (Break #12)

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Break Style: Random Hit (2 Cards Per Spot)


1x 2020 P.O.T.U.S A Word From The President (From Master Case)

10 Spots. $75 Per Spot.

Each Box will contain two cards:

- "A Word From...The President" - which features a cut word or phrase from an authenticated handwritten letter by (one of) the Presidents of the United States.

OR - “Presidential Signature Series” - an authenticated autographed card from one of the Presidents of the United States.

AND - “Presidential Archive Relic Card” - each card will contain a piece of an authenticated relic from a document the president handled.


Each Spot is 2 Premium Cards. All items out of each box will stay together as a 'spot'. We will open all of the cards live through the Pristine Breaks Facebook group and use the randomizer to assign your cards!

Shipping: Shipping to the United States is FREE. Out of country shipping is free once you reach 5+ cards. Out of country orders can be shipped prior to reaching 5 cards for an additional shipping fee.

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