1x 2021 Chronicles UFC Hobby Box (Break #2)
Group Box Break

1x 2021 Chronicles UFC Hobby Box (Break #2)

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Group Break. UFC

Break Style: Random Pack


1x 2021 Chronicles UFC Hobby Box

6 Spots. $85 Per Spot.

8 cards per pack, 6 packs per box.

Find 2 autographs per box on average!

Each Spot is 1 random pack. You will receive all cards that come out of your pack. We will randomize your pack order then open all of the cards live through the Pristine Breaks Facebook group!


Shipping: Shipping to the United States is FREE. Out of country shipping is free once you reach 5+ cards. Out of country orders can be shipped prior to reaching 5 cards for an additional shipping fee.

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: Must have at most of this item.