2020 Immaculate Collegiate Football (Case) (Break #1)

2020 Immaculate Collegiate Football (Case) (Break #1)

Group Break. FOOTBALL
Breaking NOW as soon as full!
5x 2020 Immaculate Collegiate Football (Sealed Case)
25 Spots. $119 Per Spot.

Each Spot is 1 Premium Card (or more). All cards will be opened and your card will be randomized live!
Each box includes 5 Autographs or Memorabilia Cards plus 1 Base/Parallel. We are doing 5 spot per box so anything over 5 cards per box will be BONUS cards which everyone in the break is eligible for!


Shipping: Shipping to the United States is FREE. Out of country shipping is free once you reach 5+ cards. Out of country orders can be shipped prior to reaching 5 cards for an additional shipping fee.

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: Must have at most of this item.